Friday, April 24, 2009

Looks like Day 22

Looks like Day 22 is going to be our LUCKY day!! It is not 100% confirmed but about 99% that I will do my room-in with Brynlee on Sunday. Then Monday we will head home! Her nurse wanted me to do it tonight, which was great, but it's evidently hospital policy for CPS & a the Social worker to be there when she is released & guess what?? They don't work weekends!! So, we have to work around their schedule. This just means I will be kid free for the weekend. My mom and Kolton are headed down to San Antonio to see my sister!! She misses Kolton like crazy and had already planned a trip down there for me and the kids because I thought Brynlee would already be home. So my mom is going instead :( which sucks for me! But hey maybe I'll get somethings done around the house!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

17 Days and Counting

Just a Quick Update....

Miss Brynlee is now 17 days old. She is doing so much better! Her pedi finally admitted that he thinks she was about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks early. He said she is pretty much full term now & that it seems her "light" as come on. They are taking her off the reflux meds and she is taking 2/3 of her bottle feedings. Which means the 1/3 of bottle feedings she is not taking are the one that they are "gavaging". THIS IS GREAT NEWS!! He said that she will remain on "gavage" feedings thru the day, then complete bottle feeds starting in the A.M. If she continues to take her bottle feedings then we are looking at her coming home Saturday :) I will have to stay the night at the hospital the night before she is released! So, I am keeping my fingers crossed for Saturday! Keep prayin that God continues to protect her and guide her thru the remainder of her NICU stay!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Just a Thought...

Okay, so I know I have over blogged today but it has just been one of those days!! Sorry! Well on top of having a rough day with the hospital to changing things with Brynlee. A friend made a comment that has just been really under my skin and I have to get thru this off my chest. just because I am not doing things the traditional way doesn't mean I am any different from any other mom, right? I am sorry if you don't agree with me or don't understand why I am doing what I am doing. I am sorry if you feel that it is inconvient for you & yours. But this is my life. NO ONE ELSES! You are supposed to be my best friend, no matter what. You can disagree with me that's fine but you are still supposed to support me and be there for me. I've stood by you and put up with you choosing your man over your best friend. But I was still there when you needed me.

So, the comment may not have been exactly meant how it was said but it was still said. I may be overacting but this is why I am blogging it so I can get it off my chest and move on. So, I was asked "why are you having a baby shower, you dont need one, you have everything" Let me say this... I don't have someone who will buy me the big things like a bed & car seat. I have to do that myself. I had to get these things before my daughter comes home. I could not wait till I have a baby shower, I don't want my friends to feel pressured to buy these large things. I don't see why it is a big deal that I want a baby shower even though I bought her bed & car seat as well as recieved some clothes. I did not get a baby shower with my son because we were unsure of how things were going to happen and wether or not he was going to stay with me. So, I did everything on my own with him. So, I feel I deserve a baby shower just as every other mother, biological or adoptive. Another thing that bothers me is, I don't expect you to throw my baby shower but considering I threw yours I would at least like you to seem interested or offer to help with anything. I understand you have a new baby and all so I would never dream of putting you in a financial situation that you can not handle right now. But hey offer to help with something. Even baby shower invites but no nothing from you. It just disappoints me!!

Okay, I also want to thank Kayla, Candie, Amber, Christie, Tammy & Samantha for continuing to support me and check on Brynlee. I truly have been blessed with some great friends who will never know how much the truly mean to me! I am forever grateful to have each of you in my life, as well, as my kids lives.

So Frustrated!

UGHHH!!! I am getting so frustrated with Brynlee's Doctor. It's like he keeps taking steps backwards and not forwards. Brynlee's nurse called and said that Dr. Bran changed her formula again to one with more calories so she wouldn't have to take as much at each feeding. Which okay that is great but now he changed her to bottle feeding to every other one. Plus her nurse changed her feeding times to 530-830-1130-230 which means the 830 & 230 feedings will be bottle and 530 & 1130 will be tube. This means I will only be able to feed her at the 830 feedings not the 12 & 6 like I have been!! I'll only get to feed her at the 830 feedings if I have someone to watch Kolton and I can't have someone watch him everyday so I can go feed her! I swear this is driving me crazy!! I just want to bring my baby home! I know what's best for her and they aren't doing it or even at least trying to!! Her doctor said why wear her out if she isnt taking the bottle completely anyway....what the hell do you think we are trying to get her to do!! How do you think she is going to bottle feed completely if you take her off of it half the time! Where is this getting us.....NO WHERE! I just trust God knows what he is doing and that he is with her when I can not be. Sorry, I just had to vent!!

2 Weeks

My baby girl is 2 weeks old today! I hate having to go to the hospital to see her and not being able to leave with her! I wish she was at home with her own things in her house! Brynlee is still doing good and constantly eating more!! So, we are still being patient with her. I get frustrated so easily with the nurses & doctors because I believe they have her eating to much and that she doesn't have a chance to get hungry. She isn't doing anything to burn calories so it's understandable that she may not be super hungry every three hours! I hate that they just assume every newborn in the world eats the correct amount every three hours all the time! Haven't you ever heard don't wake a sleeping baby. Let her sleep and if she is sleeping longer than 4 hours then wake her up, I promise she'll be hungry by then. So, i've been trying to get them to go to 80mL every 4 hours instead of 60mL every 3 but they are like it won't make a difference!! EEEHHH!!!!! Just let me bring her home!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

8 Days & Birthdays

First off...I want to say Happy Birthday to my beautiful neice Krystina ::Nina:: today is her 4th birthday. Man, how time flies.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Kolton was invited to a birthday party for Miss Micah on Saturday. So, after getting Brynlee's bed & car seat, we went to Micah's party at the park. Rachel did such a good job with the birthday party. She had an easter egg hunt set up for all the kids, it was cute. While we were at the park I ran into The Forston's Marsha, Carla & their mom. It was really great seeing all them, it's been so long!

After the party, we headed home to get Brynlee's bed put up and her clothes washed. Kolton went down for a nap and I got busy! Easter morning, we went and visited Brynlee in the hospital and put her little Easter onesie on her, with matching bow of course :) Kolton actually got to see her, thru the window of course. He just smiled and stared at her.

It's been 8 days since Brynlee was born and I can't wait to get her home. She is completely off her IV and finally doesn't have to be hooked up to all that mess. She is slowly eating better so we just have to be patient with her!

More updates later!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Slowly but Surely ♥

Miss Brynlee is my little fighter! She is doing so well considering everything she has been thru! They took her off of oxygen completely yesterday and she hasn't needed to go back on. They moved her feeding tube this morning from her mouth to her nose. Which is good cause my poor angel hated that thing in her mouth. After they moved it, she took 8cc from a bottle at 9am. Then at 12 my mom got her to take 15cc from a bottle! So, we are making down the road to recovery. All the nurses and doctors say she is doing wonderful and that we have to be patient with her cause she's had a rough start! They are predicting that Monday night I will do the room in and then my little angel will come home Tuesday. I'll keep ya posted! Please pray for us ♥

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Baby <3

Ok, so now I am completely lost and can't begin to concentrate on work!! I just got back from the hospital visiting Kolton's "sister". Well she is so precious. She is in the NICU because she was born with drugs in her system, just as Kolton. Poor babies! She looks just like Kolton! I'll post some pictures tonight!

Well, the nurse is pretty sure CPS is going to take custody. The question is...where are they going to place her. I know in my head that it would be really hard to take on another baby but my heart tells me I have to. This is Kolton's sister. I just don't know...Guess I have to wait and see!

Baby Baby...

Well, Kolton has a new sister. His "donor mommy" gave birth to a little girl last night. I don't know a lot of details just yet. But I am going up there to see both of them at lunch. From what I hear she is supposed to try to keep this baby but I do not know yet.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tax Season 2009--Finally Finished!

Well work right now is crazy, as I am sure you can imagine! It's Tax Season & people seem to wait to the last minute to get their tax information in. It's just amazing how some people are no where near organized with their stuff. Come on people...Tax season comes around every year, you know this! It's not like all the sudden the IRS says "hey, you have to file this year" You file every year, no matter what! People are literally bringing in boxes of reciepts and invoices along with their W2s & K1s and seem surprised when we tell them they have to file an extension request! SERIOUSLY?! You people make me laugh! So, at work, which is where I normally blog & facebook, I hardly have time to breathe!

So, aside from Tax Season, it's been a busy couple of weeks for me. 1st...I took over payments on my mom's house and have been moving my things & redecorating. I painted the master bedroom a real pretty Cozumel (kinda teal) and April Mist (real lite green). I think it looks really good. I got a brown and teal bedset with matching curtains. It looks like a completely different room. In the master bath, I am planning on a beach theme. I love seashells and sand things. So, I am going to probably paint it the same April Mist color and then frame out the top of the Mirror, which is huge btw, with fish netting w/ seashells in it. I think it will turn out cute.

Always a Bridesmaid, never a Bride...

Last week, I was asked to be in 2 weddings. My friend, Jessica & her boyfriend Cody, who is like a brother to me, asked me to be a the Maid of Honor in their wedding. Jessica also asked me to help plan the event, since she is on a strict budget. So, first things dress & bridesmaid dress. We went to David's Bridal and spent a little over 3 hours trying on dresses! I think she tried on 20 or so. Most of them looked really good. I think she narrowed her selection to 2 and is thinking about them. We found my dress, which will be Truffle with a Capri Blue Sash, very pretty!

Prior to going to David's Bridal with Jessica, I joined Kayla, her sister and Mom at Davids Bridal. Kayla had a good idea what dress she wanted and what dress she wanted us to wear. So we got right to it. Only to realize that the dress you think you want doesn't always turn out to be the one. So after 2 hours of trying on dresses, she finally said she found the one. I could tell by her face that isn't wasnt exactly the ONE! I mean she loved it but it just wasn't the one! So, she went on to Alfred Angelo, and I went home to spend some time with Kolton. Later, I got a text that said, "Sissy, I found the the the the the one!" I am happy for her but I have yet to see the dress :( Maybe, Ill see tonight.

Kolton has a play date with Kayla's nephew Jeriemah. While they are playing Kayla & I are going to scrapbook :) This is just the beginning of our busy weekend. Saturday morning I have to work because as I mentioned people bring the stuff in way late :( Then after work its off to Joe Ts for some yummy lunch with the ladies. It's going to be fun to all be together again. It's been a long time. Saturday night, I have a date with John. Not sure what we are doing but probably going to the Highlands for some PF Changs and bowling, I think! Then Sunday, I have to work till about 11 then off to Heather's Easter Egg Hunt.

It's gonna be a fun busy weekend!