Tuesday, July 14, 2009

That's the good stuff

Well, since my last couple post have been about some awesome giveaways, I thought I'd give ya little update on what's going on around our parts.

My regular baby sitter is finally back from VA. I know it was bittersweet for her to come back. She lost her dad at the beginning of June, so thats why she was in VA. They extened their stay so that they could spend time with family. But I am so glad to have her back. She is really great with both of the kids and Mr. K just loves her and her boys to death. Ms. B will soon too!

But while she was gone both kids got to spend some time with their Aunt Kay & Nanny. I am so thankful to have them in my kids' lives! They are 2 of the sweetest people ever and they love my lil ones! Plus, they care for Kay's nephew Jeriamah, who is only 6 months older than Kolton, so you know they have fun! While the boys are playing Ms. B gets to suck up all the nanny love!

Little Mr. K is growing up so much and so smart. He amazes me everyday! He is not talking to much but boy does he love to learn! He is so observant and loves to mimic you! He tries to unlock the doors with his keys and becoming such a great help. He will bring you a pull-up and throw away things around the house! He has picked up a little habit that I have no idea where he gets it from. But if you say something to him and he's not in the mood to talk to you or doesn't like what you say he will roll his eyes at you! It's so funny now but in a couple of years, it won't be so funny!

Ms. B is growing and thriving as well! She is now rolling over both ways and laughing. She loves to watch Mickey Mouse & Dora. She will just laugh & talk to the tv its so cute! She is also starting to recongize more faces than just mine & is always chatting when Mr. K is near her. He loves to give her kisses and try to see in her chair with her! She goes next month for her 4 month check up and hopefully we will start some baby food. Maybe she will eat it, Mr. K probably had 10 jars and thats it. You couldn't get him to eat the stuff! But who could blame him?

As far as me, I am doing well. Adjusting to living in my own house and all the that comes with it! I still love my job, although it can get totally stressful some days for the most part it's good! I got a raise last month right after I got my house so that's been a huge help! I am also going back to school in August. My boss is going to keep paying me for 40 hours but I will go to school MW at 345. So that part is awesome! I am an accounting major. My boss said my earning income potential is great if I get my bachelors so thats what I am going to do. Plus he said he pay me well after school so no one steals me! LOL! Well that's about it for now! Guess I better get back to earning my moneyy!!

Till Next time,

Peace, Love & Chicken Grease!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Soiree Finale!!!

Summer Soiree Finale
Its the final day of the Summer Soiree brought to you by some awesome bloggers, which you can find at the above sites! They have had some really great giveways but their finale has to be my favorite! Since I just moved into my own house there are so many things I need. These Rubbermaid containers they are giving away are at the top of my list! They are giving away a 20-piece Storage Container Set! These containers coming in different sizes and the best thing of all is no more looking for the right lid to fit the container! All of the lids snap together and then snap to the bottom of those size containers! So, head over to EverydayBabySteps and join in the fun! But hurry the fast the deadline for entering is 12 noon EST TODAY!

Friday, July 10, 2009

$50 Gift Certificate to Tiny Prints!

With it being baby & wedding season! Now is a perfect time to check out Tiny Prints! They have everything from Business Stationery to Birthday Invites and everything in between! Check out their amazing website :

Right now on Facebook they are hosting an open house to introduce their new facebook pages! So, if you don't have a facebook sign up for one now and become a Fan of all 4 of the New Tiny Prints Facebook Pages:

Once you've done that head over to one of my fave blogs Dore's Diaries and enter to win a $50 Gift Cert. to Tiny Prints. here's the link so there's no excuses: http://doresdiaries.com/2009/06/50-tiny-prints-gift-certificate.html#idc-ctools

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rockin' Gymboree Giveway with a Shopaholic!

If you know me, you know I love shopping for my kids & I love finding great deals!! Well over at Tales From A Shopaholic Mommy! She is giving away a $100 Gift Card to Gymboree!! So, head over to her page and check out her giveway! While you are there be sure to check out her other giveways! Don't forget to follow her to!!

Wish me luck, If I win this is gonna be Ms. B's new outfit!!