Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Pre-Friday

Seems like I only find time to blog on Thursday now! We are in the process of moving again. I know we just moved but this seems the right step for our family right now. The house we had bought has ended needing a lot more work than I can do by myself. My sister has agreed to take the payments over. Her and her roommate will do the work. It's a lot easier for her because she has someone else to help out. I just can't do that right now. So, we are making the move to Italy, Texas but before a stop in Mansfield. We are going to stay at my moms apartment with my aunt. My mom has already made the move to Italy with her boyfriend. But my house will not be ready until December. So we are staying in Mansfield until then. It's really nice being just 5 minutes from. They have a really nice playground here at the apartment for when the weather is nice. So, that's about it on the move.

Brynlee is a sitting up, crawling machine! She gets every where and fast! She tries to pull up on things but isn't ready just yet for that. And thats makes this mama Happy. She is just growing up way to fast! I'll probably have a little walker by Christmas! I went Halloween shopping last weekend. It's so hard to find cute costumes and we just dont have the money right now for custom ordered ones. So, I have settled with a Zebra costume for her. I didn't want her to be the typical Sunflower or pumpkin baby. Its a cute, simple costume but she has an awesome over the top Zebra & Hot Pink Bow! So, I can't wait for Halloween :D

Kolton is growing up fast too! He is smart and talks a little more each day! His favorite saying right now is "MINE!" and when he says he means it! He is still doing really good with Brynlee but now that she is on the move his is getting a little more possessive with his toys! But he's not being mean about it, so that good. We haven't finished his Halloween costume shopping yet. I can't decide between a Hobo or Race Car driver so we are making a trip to Party City this weekend to try them on!

Well, I guess that's about it for us. Happy Pre-Friday!