Friday, June 11, 2010

House Party-Friends, Fun & BBQ!

My good friend Tammy recently introducted me to It's safe to say, I've become addicted quickly! HouseParty is a great site that offers Free Parties for you to throw. When you are chosen to host these parties. About a week or 2 before you recieve what they call a Party Pack. This almost always comes with Samples, a gift, Invites and more.

I've applied for probably 4-6 parties since I started. I was chose to host my first party June 26th. I am hosting the Bull's Eye BBQ Party! I'm very excited. I love to grill outside and enjoy having friends over to hang out in the backyard! I'll blog more when I get my party pack. Hopefully post some pictures as well!

I really suggest you go over to and check it out! Below is my link to my party!

House Party Party Friends, Fun & BBQ!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Need Help

I need, that wasn't that hard!

Asking for help is something I hate to do! I love being independent, creative and a mom who does it all! But, I guess my creativitity has been lacking lately! I've recently started my own business and I'm in the process of finding a store front location. My problem is the name. It's current calling is "Rockin' It Country Designs". This has worked for a while but I just don't think it's Store material. So, that's why I am asking for help. I need a new name for the store. I think the RICD will still be our legal name, I just need a front name. I make Crosses,Cowgirl Chunky Jewerly, Picture Frames, Cowgirl Flip Flops and home decor signs. We are also making furniture and I would like to expand into Cowgirl Clothes.

So, to all my blog peeps, any ideas?