Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Pre-Friday

Seems like I only find time to blog on Thursday now! We are in the process of moving again. I know we just moved but this seems the right step for our family right now. The house we had bought has ended needing a lot more work than I can do by myself. My sister has agreed to take the payments over. Her and her roommate will do the work. It's a lot easier for her because she has someone else to help out. I just can't do that right now. So, we are making the move to Italy, Texas but before a stop in Mansfield. We are going to stay at my moms apartment with my aunt. My mom has already made the move to Italy with her boyfriend. But my house will not be ready until December. So we are staying in Mansfield until then. It's really nice being just 5 minutes from. They have a really nice playground here at the apartment for when the weather is nice. So, that's about it on the move.

Brynlee is a sitting up, crawling machine! She gets every where and fast! She tries to pull up on things but isn't ready just yet for that. And thats makes this mama Happy. She is just growing up way to fast! I'll probably have a little walker by Christmas! I went Halloween shopping last weekend. It's so hard to find cute costumes and we just dont have the money right now for custom ordered ones. So, I have settled with a Zebra costume for her. I didn't want her to be the typical Sunflower or pumpkin baby. Its a cute, simple costume but she has an awesome over the top Zebra & Hot Pink Bow! So, I can't wait for Halloween :D

Kolton is growing up fast too! He is smart and talks a little more each day! His favorite saying right now is "MINE!" and when he says he means it! He is still doing really good with Brynlee but now that she is on the move his is getting a little more possessive with his toys! But he's not being mean about it, so that good. We haven't finished his Halloween costume shopping yet. I can't decide between a Hobo or Race Car driver so we are making a trip to Party City this weekend to try them on!

Well, I guess that's about it for us. Happy Pre-Friday!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

5 MONTHS and then some

Wow, it's hard to believe that its already over 5 months since I became a Mommy of 2! I cant believe how fast my little girl is growing. Yesterday she started sitting up all by herself with no help & no hands on the floor! Its so hard to believe, she doesn't even look big enough to sit up. She's such a tiny little thing but lord can she eat! Right now her fave things are Bananas with rice & Butternut squash!

Kolton is doing wonderful! He is so smart and points out everything from animal to a plane in the sky! He got a new dog, not by choice!, but he's turning out to be a really good dog for Mr. Kolton. Charlie, our new dog, will play fetch with Kolton and tug a war but will drop the toy the second Kolton gets close to his face then he will wait for Kolton to throw it! It's so cute!

Things at work are going really well and I am starting to take over our Corporate & Partnership returns which is great! Now, I'm just hoping for the move to the bigger office :D I've started shopping for the kids Halloween costumes all though I'm at a complete loss for they should be. I am think Ms. Brynlee may be a Ladybug or Zebra but Kolton I have no idea! So, to the Halloween store we go this weekend!

Well, it's back to work for me. Just wanted to write a quick update! Have a great Pre-Friday!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

We've lost another...

The world has lost another awesome person! I was sad to learn of Patrick Swayze's death today!! The world is blessed with yet another Angel!! My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with his family! RIP Patrick Swayze!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering the Fallen ♥

It's hard to believe its been 8 years since they tested our Freedom. 8 years since so many innocent lives were lost. 8 years later you still remember exactly what you were doing at the exact moment you found out.

I was working at a daycare center on September 11, 2001. I had just graduated high school in May of 2001 and still trying to figure out which way life was going to take me. I remember taking my class to the kitchen/dining area for a snack that morning. After getting my kids settled, I went into the kitchen to get their snack. The first plane had just hit the world trade center. We heard it on the radio & immediately turned on the TV (out of view from the kids). We thought it was such a bizarre accident. How tragic & scary. We couldn't figure out why they plane had been flying so low. Then within just a few minutes we watch on LIVE TV as the second plane and nearing the WTC and we knew at the exact second something was going on but we had no clue it was something that was going to change our lives forever!!

We watched as the 2nd plane crashed into the WTC. As another crashes in the Pentagon & as another crashes in a Field. We couldn't take our eyes off the TV. Phones immediately start ringing parents on their way to pick up their children. By noon there was not a single kid left at daycare. We were all free to go home. But none of us wanted to move, we were in so much shock. How could this be happening! This is the United States! These things don't happen here! The values, freedom and security that country was built upon was being shaken! Will this be what makes our great Country fall?

I left work and met up with my mom and we decided we weren't going to fall without a fight! We were going to continue to be proud to be Americans!! We were going to rise thru the Mourning! We were going to show our Pride! It was honestly the first time I felt my community was truly proud to American. We went to 7 stores that day, in search of an American Flag for our cars. To my surprise, everyone was sold out! What a great feeling! We weren't the only ones proud that day, we weren't the only ones who wanted to recognize the ones we had the lost. The innocent that had fallen. The brave men & women who lost their lives trying to save another.

The way I view our country has forever been different since that day. It proved that even during the most diffucult and unbelievable moments we will stand proud. We will not fall without a fight! We continue everyday for Fight for our freedom. The men and women of our Armed Forces fight every second of every day. Wives go with out husbands and children go out without parents. So that we may be free and that we may spend our time with our loved ones.

So, today as we continue to mourn the fallen and we continue to remember the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Stand PROUD! Be PROUD to be an AMERICAN! Thank our Men and Women of the Armed Forces. Our Policemen, Firemen & Paramedics! Hug the ones you love and forgive the ones who do us wrong! Praise GOD! Let our lives not let us forget, let it not blind us. God BLESS!

Ps. in 2006 I signed up for Project 2996! This project was organized so that bloggers could pay tribute to the 2996 people we lost that day. Below is my tribute then. I have signed up again and will be posting my tribute to another fallen American shortly! Please go sign-up . Please honor the men & women who lost their lives that day! Read other tributes as well.


Leon Lebor, SEIU Local 32BJ, 51, was a janitor at the World Trade Center. He was deaf, but this didn't stop him from experiencing life fully. A native of London, he traveled the world, moving to Jerusalem and eventually New York. He is remembered best by those who knew him at the Trade Center for his sense of humor. He loved telling jokes and putting on a wide variety of clownish faces.

The Jerusalem Post reported on November 6th that Leon Lebor, 51, was buried at Har Hamenuhot Cemetery in Jerusalem. Lebor was born in London, attended the Jewish Deaf School and trained as a furrier before moving to the United States in 1970. His parents immigrated to Israel in 1971. Lebor, who had become a florist, followed them in 1980 and worked as a flower arranger at the King David Hotel but had problems learning the new language. For this reason he decided to return to the U.S. and was working for a maintenance company at the World Trade Center when the planes crashed into it on September 11th. His body is the third to be recovered and brought back to Israel for burial.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

3 Days Travel then 46 hours on a Bus

Let me introduce you to someone. This girl woman is truly one of the best people I know. She means the world to me and I'm not afraid to say I love Her!! She is the greatest friend sister, we may not be blood but I often feel closer to her than my own sister! We have been thru thick & thin together. We can not talk for months, like would ever go that long without talking, but when we talk its like we've never been apart. I can talk to her about anything and never worry about her judging me. This is Cassie. My sister. My Best Friend.

Now, these 2 have blessed us with 4 of the most wonderful kids. Kids that I am happy to say I am their AUNT! Seth Allen, 7. Christopher Damion, 6. Krystina Renee, 4. Adrianna Marie[my namesake, whom I have never met ], 21 months. I love these kids just as much as I love my own! I will always be there for them. There is nothing I wouldn't do for these kids.

Chris lives in Texas with his mom, that's why he isn't in the group shot. Well, since March 2006 part of my heart has been living across the ocean in Okinawa, Japan. Well, about a week ago, we got news that Justin's grandfather was terminally ill with Cancer. It's pretty bad right now, we've been praying he would be able to fight this but it looks like it's coming to an end. Justin was able to get leave from the Air Force to come home to visit his grandfather. However, they would not pay to fly the entire family home to Texas. Justin fought to have his entire family come with him. They finally got onto a Miltary Hop Flight, which is free but you have to travel with the Air Force and their many stops. Well after days of travel & bumped flights from Okinawa. The ENTIRE family left Fairfield, Cali headed to Fort Worth Texas on a bus! After a 46+ hour bus ride they will arrive in Fort Worth, TX today at 11:30am. I'm so excited and hoping to meet them at the bus stop to welcome them home! We are so grateful that they were able to come, even though it's not the greatest reason to come home. But God is Great! He has allowed the entire family to be together before Justin's grandpa passes. God bless him! Please pray that grandpa find comfort during his days and may God watch over him until its time for him to walk with our Father!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HUGE Bei Bambani Gift Basket!!!

Okay, so there are always awesome giveaways on Blogger & Twitter, but I do have to say this giveway from Tales From A Shopaholic Mommy has me most excited!! Lauren from Bei Bambini contacted Sandy about doing a huge gift basket giveway! When they say huge they mean more than $700.00 worth of cute clothes for that special little man in your life!! Check out what it contains:

-A beautiful wicker basket
-Soft plush stuffed animal
From The Jeanine Johnsen Boys Summer Collections
-Blue Crown Layette (hat,bag,bib,blanket,footie,wrap,kimono) $190
Every item is size 3 months except for the blue checked dylan pants, tan shorts and paisley button down shirt are 6 months.

Retail Value On This Amazing Gift Basket is over $700.00!!!!!! What an awesome giveaway! So, what are you still doing here?! Head over to Tales From A Shopaholic Mommy and get your chance to WIN this amazing gift basket. While you are there don't forget to check out the rest of Sandy's blog, I just recently found her and she quickly became one of my fave blogs!!
Good Luck but not to much luck of course cause I'm hoping I win!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

4 Months Ago

4 Months ago on April 6, 2009, I welcomed my first daughter into this world at 9:15pm. She had my heart from the second I laid eyes on her! Well, exactly 4 months later (well just 4 hrs & 12mins shy of being 4 months exactly) on August 6, 2009 my best friend from high school, Candie and her husband Rusty welcomed their second daughter, Ms. Rylee Rae Russell, into this world! Katie, their oldest, is now a big sister! She is going to be a great big sister. Miss Rylee weighed 7lbs and 3ozs and was 19 1/4in. Just wanted to tell my best friend that I am proud of her and congratulations on her 2nd miracle! I love you girl!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

That's the good stuff

Well, since my last couple post have been about some awesome giveaways, I thought I'd give ya little update on what's going on around our parts.

My regular baby sitter is finally back from VA. I know it was bittersweet for her to come back. She lost her dad at the beginning of June, so thats why she was in VA. They extened their stay so that they could spend time with family. But I am so glad to have her back. She is really great with both of the kids and Mr. K just loves her and her boys to death. Ms. B will soon too!

But while she was gone both kids got to spend some time with their Aunt Kay & Nanny. I am so thankful to have them in my kids' lives! They are 2 of the sweetest people ever and they love my lil ones! Plus, they care for Kay's nephew Jeriamah, who is only 6 months older than Kolton, so you know they have fun! While the boys are playing Ms. B gets to suck up all the nanny love!

Little Mr. K is growing up so much and so smart. He amazes me everyday! He is not talking to much but boy does he love to learn! He is so observant and loves to mimic you! He tries to unlock the doors with his keys and becoming such a great help. He will bring you a pull-up and throw away things around the house! He has picked up a little habit that I have no idea where he gets it from. But if you say something to him and he's not in the mood to talk to you or doesn't like what you say he will roll his eyes at you! It's so funny now but in a couple of years, it won't be so funny!

Ms. B is growing and thriving as well! She is now rolling over both ways and laughing. She loves to watch Mickey Mouse & Dora. She will just laugh & talk to the tv its so cute! She is also starting to recongize more faces than just mine & is always chatting when Mr. K is near her. He loves to give her kisses and try to see in her chair with her! She goes next month for her 4 month check up and hopefully we will start some baby food. Maybe she will eat it, Mr. K probably had 10 jars and thats it. You couldn't get him to eat the stuff! But who could blame him?

As far as me, I am doing well. Adjusting to living in my own house and all the that comes with it! I still love my job, although it can get totally stressful some days for the most part it's good! I got a raise last month right after I got my house so that's been a huge help! I am also going back to school in August. My boss is going to keep paying me for 40 hours but I will go to school MW at 345. So that part is awesome! I am an accounting major. My boss said my earning income potential is great if I get my bachelors so thats what I am going to do. Plus he said he pay me well after school so no one steals me! LOL! Well that's about it for now! Guess I better get back to earning my moneyy!!

Till Next time,

Peace, Love & Chicken Grease!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Soiree Finale!!!

Summer Soiree Finale
Its the final day of the Summer Soiree brought to you by some awesome bloggers, which you can find at the above sites! They have had some really great giveways but their finale has to be my favorite! Since I just moved into my own house there are so many things I need. These Rubbermaid containers they are giving away are at the top of my list! They are giving away a 20-piece Storage Container Set! These containers coming in different sizes and the best thing of all is no more looking for the right lid to fit the container! All of the lids snap together and then snap to the bottom of those size containers! So, head over to EverydayBabySteps and join in the fun! But hurry the fast the deadline for entering is 12 noon EST TODAY!

Friday, July 10, 2009

$50 Gift Certificate to Tiny Prints!

With it being baby & wedding season! Now is a perfect time to check out Tiny Prints! They have everything from Business Stationery to Birthday Invites and everything in between! Check out their amazing website :

Right now on Facebook they are hosting an open house to introduce their new facebook pages! So, if you don't have a facebook sign up for one now and become a Fan of all 4 of the New Tiny Prints Facebook Pages:

Once you've done that head over to one of my fave blogs Dore's Diaries and enter to win a $50 Gift Cert. to Tiny Prints. here's the link so there's no excuses:

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rockin' Gymboree Giveway with a Shopaholic!

If you know me, you know I love shopping for my kids & I love finding great deals!! Well over at Tales From A Shopaholic Mommy! She is giving away a $100 Gift Card to Gymboree!! So, head over to her page and check out her giveway! While you are there be sure to check out her other giveways! Don't forget to follow her to!!

Wish me luck, If I win this is gonna be Ms. B's new outfit!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Love this Crazy. Hectic. Beautiful Life

I thought I would take a quick minute to update everyone on how things are going in our lives these days. There have been a lot of changes but for the most part all good!!

I finally moved into my first house!!! Well, first house I am buying that is. Which is really exciting and totally stressful at the same time. I never realized how much stuff that myself & the 2 little ones have until I started packing! I haven't finished unpacking everything because Friday (7/3) my older than dirt rusted out lovely water heater busted! Leaving 3 inches of water in my utility room & kitchen! Thank GOD that my cousin was watching my kids at the house & was able to contain the water so it didn't get past the kitchen! So, we call the insurance company. But guess who you can't get out to your house on the friday before a holiday weekend! Yep, you guessed the insurance company! So, we have been stuff at my moms apartment! Yes, apartment! A 3 month old (todayy!!), 3 adults and a very hyper, curious can't stand to be inside 18 month old in a 2 bedroom 2nd floor apartment! Thank God for the POOL!

Other our major house issue we've been pretty good! Brynlee is getting big, but still looks so tiny cause she's almost 24 inches long!! She's cooing and smiling so much. She rolling over from her stomach to her back & starting to reach for toys on her floor gym! Kolton is doing well! He loves the swimming pool and is no longer scared of it, which makes for one nerveous wreck mommy! But I am glad he is enjoying it and can't wait to get ours for the house!

Well that's it for this time! I hope to have internet when we get back to the house, I have lots of cute pictures to show you!

Lots of love till then,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Super Light Crafts!

Dore's Diaries
Light Crafts has generously offered to give away a copy of Aurora to one of Dore's Diaries' Readers!!! If you need some help with photo editing, this giveaway is for you!! Here's a little about Aurora by Light Crafts! (Taken from Dore's Blog, I know I cheated and should right my own review of what all Aurora has but I'm still feeling under the weather and it's taking me forever to get this post done between the frequent coughing and trying to breathe! Please forgive Me. I'll do better next time!)

Aurora by Light Crafts has solved all of my editing problems and I am so excited to tell all of you about!Light Crafts ( launched a very unique photo editing and management software called Aurora. Aurora is a powerfully simple photo management software for consumers who want to reduce the complexity, and increase the results, of editing, organizing, sharing and storing digital images. Aurora is intuitive to use, enabling anyone to go from download to expert in a matter of minutes.Aurora’s key features include:
Visual photo editing: The strength of Aurora lies in its intuitive, powerful, visual editor which presents suggested improvements in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get fashion. The unique relight tool essentially “turns on” the light inside the image, creating better, more realistic photos. Users can also straighten, adjust color strength and warmth, crop, zoom and adjust red-eye in a simple, intuitive and visual way.
Organizing and viewing of photos: Aurora allows consumers to easily import photos from their camera or computer, re-arrange and re-name them, then tag and rate favorites for easy viewing and retrieval.
Sharing and publishing: Aurora enables consumers to email, print, and Aurora making it easy to share select photos online on sites like Flickr and Facebook.
Online back-up: Photos are one of those truly irreplaceable items. Aurora’s optional online back-up service is powered by and stores photos to keep them out of harm’s way. Online back-up plans are available for $4.95 per month. Users can simply hit “online back up” from within Aurora to sync directly with their Amazon storage account.

Aurora seems like it would be super simple to use and has lots of features for quick editing! I can't wait to get me a copy and start editing! I've got tons of Kolton & Brynlee's pictures that need a little special touch before they are ready for the world!! So, head over to Dore's Diaries and check her stuff out!! She has lots of cool stuff other than just the giveway! I promise it won't be a waste of your time!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cake & Ice Cream Not Included

Day 3 of Going Dot Com Birthday Bash!
You have to go check out this Birthday Bash Celebration!! Plus check out Tip Junkie while you are there! There is so much neat stuff! Okay, back to the celebration.
There are 1o winners a day for 5 days and we are already on day 3. The best thing about the giveaway? Everything is made by moms! There are some many cute things that its hard to just pick out one! So head over there and join the fun!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lovin' Me Some Zebra

So, I don't really have much to blog about today. Well actually that's a lie! I need to blog about the new house, Brynlee's 2 month check-up and about a couple things coming but I just don't have time to sit down with a detailed post today. I am only getting to post this right now because my accounting software is updating!

So, wow I think I use So in almost every post....maybe I should stop that, anywho! My reason for the quick post is I just had to show off my super cute new shoes from Payless! I spent a whole whopping $8.00 on them... I know big spender , huh? Well, payless was having their wonderful BOGO 1/2 off sale. So, I went in for a cute pair of work sandals and 4 pairs of shoes later I came out with these....

I know! Super Cute right?! It's okay, be Jealous..I understand! Don't you just love them! I know I do! Well, that's all I wanted...just to show off my super cute zebra shoes!
Till next time.
Peace. Love & Chicken Grease!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just plain Rude!

So, I wasn't going to blog about this but it just really got under my skin today. Maybe it's the lack of sleep, maybe it's the stress over moving or maybe it's just the stupidty of this person.

I don't know about most people but I do know some moms who use their blog to interact with other mothers, friends and family. It's away to vent things that frustrate you, praise things that make you happy and raise awareness of things that effect you. So, why is that irrogrant people have to come out of the wood-works and make stupid comments.

I've followed MckMama's blog since I started my blog, which mind you hasn't been super long ago, but I've grown attached to her blog & MSC. She makes me want to do better for myself and children. Her son, Stellan, makes me appericate my kids more! The fact that I have God to thank that they are happy, healthy, thriving children despite their rough entrance into this world. So, why must their be people who get their kicks out of despitful just plain Rude, pointless comments! (i.e "Oh, and BTW, that little "press release" you "issued" to your faithful cult followers?Lame. And quite arrogant. To put yourself on a pedestal like that was simply embarrassing. For you. Be careful. I see a fall coming. Long and hard.")

What is the point of this? Does this really make you feel better? There are more comments, but this comment was on the same blog post comments about 15 times. The others just as much. I just really bugs me that people make themselves feel better by putting others down. I am not going to take my self to this certain person's level and post their blog information. Because it's really them that I pity not MckMama. I know there are going to people who try to bring us down, and that we have to be strong enough to pay them no mind. But we are still human and things still sting, ya know?

So, to the blogger who feels we are a cult. Jealousy is the greatest form of flattery! So, I am flattered that you seem to think we are cult followers! I also pray that God will warm your heart & you will realize that we are all here bigger and better things than what you have become!!

Moving on...

I had a wonderful baby shower Sunday. Thank you to all my friends and family who came out to make the day extra special. I will upload some pictures tonight, if the stormy weather allows my power to stay on tonight. Yep, that was me who woke up this morning at 735 to no power (since about 330, which I was up when it went out). A cold shower & getting dressed in the dark!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We are Moving!

Just a quick update, plus I wanted to try out my new signature! We sold our house and will be making the move just 5 minutes down the road the end of this month! Its super fast but so exciting!! Can't wait!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Finally home!

Well, we've made it back home! It's been a long fun weekend. .
There are many stories to tell but I have just learned that we have lost 2 young guys from my High School. It just makes you so thankful for the time we have here. Zach Moore & Bryan Baxter both died within a day or so of each other. I don't have full details about anything really! But please Pray for both the Moore & Baxter Families during this diffcult time!!
You will defiently be in our thoughts & prayers!
You both will be missed very much!
Rest In Peace ♥

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chunky Monkey

Just a Preview of Ms. B's pictures from Chunky Monkey Photography! Heather did such an awesome job & I can't wait to see what other ones there are!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gotta Love 4 Day Work Week!

Just thought I'd take a minute and give you a few updates on us!

Brynlee is doing really good. She gets a little gassy sometimes but a few Little Tummies Drops and she is good to go. She is 7 weeks now but her adjusted age she is 4 weeks. She is pretty much a 1 month old and doing things a 1 month old does :). Its hard to remember that she should only be 1 month. She rolled from her tummy to her back last week, which is amazing. She has only done it once because she was mad and tired of being on her tummy. She is starting to coo and smile more. Although, sometimes its just the gas in her tummy that makes her smile but it's still super cute!! She goes back to the doctor next week so it will be exciting to see how much she has grown. She doesn't look any bigger to me and is still wearing some newborn stuff. But everyone tells me she looks a lot longer, so we will see.

Kolton is doing good as well. He's slowly starting to talk more. Its very common for Meth-babies to talk a little later, so it's not much concern. He wants you to "Look" at everything. We started working on ABCs. He can get thru A-B-C before he's on to something else! A is his fave letter so far...he'll tell you A about 10 times before he wants do B. He says "Love you" sometimes. There for a little while anytime you asked him something the answer was "Yes" but he's figuring out that sometimes he doesn't want to say "yes" so we are getting some No! He is still doing really well in his "big boy" bed. He loves being able to get in and out of it by himself. I haven't had any problems with him getting out of it at bedtime. He cries for few minutes but he won't get out of bed. Thank goodness, I was a little worried the transition would be worse than it is!

As far as me. I am doing good. Still loving my job and I thank God that I have a wonderful boss that is so understanding that I am a Single mom! I have truly been blessed! I am officially starting a Bowtique! Right now, I am going to share Brynlee's room to store my bow making stuff. I've made about 6 bows already and just got my first order for 3- 4th of July bows. Its exciting and I'm always thinking of new bows to make. I usually make the bows after both kids are in bed. Its a nice way for me to wind down and do something with my time. I'm really loving it! I am going to make Bows, Bow Holders & Tutus. Right now I am looking for a Sewing machine and hopefully starting making Pillowcase Dresses & Pettiskirts! I'm watching a Sewing/Embroidery Machine on eBay, if I can get that then I will start doing Personalized Tanks, Onesies and T-shirts for the kiddies, as well as Personalizing the Pillowcase dresses!! I'm really excited to be able to start making Brynlee some really cute custom outfits. I will be starting a blog just for my bowtique which will be named "Rockin' It Solo Bowtique". I chose Rockin' It Solo because that's exactly what I am doing, Rockin' the Mommy thing Solo!!

Some things we having coming up. Our first camping trip (month late due to rain) is coming up this weekend and I'm so ready!! My baby shower is coming June 7th, I'm so excited! Can't wait to see everyone and for everyone to meet Brynlee! Then we have Baby Rylee's baby shower the end of June. I'm working on something special for Miss Rylee & Miss Katie, so I can't wait! We've planned a River Trip to the Guadalupe in July, a weekend away I don't know what I'll do, I'll sure miss my kiddies but I know it will be nice to relax!

That's about it! Till next time. God Bless!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


that's perfectly fine for me!!

Are you second?
My friend Kayla introduced me to this site and I have been meaning to blog about but haven't had a chance. Recently a fellow blogger was having a rough day & I recommended the site to her and thought it was a perfect chance to blog about it!
From the I am Second Blog:
I am Second is a movement where significance in life is a shared value among people of all kinds. Actors. Musicians. Business leaders. Your next-door neighbor. People just like you. Their authentic stories here on iamsecond provide insight into dealing with typical struggles of everyday living. You'll meet people who overcame destructive lifestyles. Plus you'll discover those who've tried to go it alone and have failed, yet still found a life full of hope, peace & fulfillment.
This is so true, they have all these videos of people talking about their struggles, many of which you can totally relate to. Its encouraging to see people put themselves out there, such raw purity! Their courage is inspiring and their stories are amazing! Many people think when you say I am second, "oh no honey you are never second to anyone and don't you forget that." But, we are second. God is first. Give God your struggles, your stress, your pain but also give him your happiness, your pride & your accomplishments!
So, please check this site out.
I am Second, are you?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Where there's a will, there's a way!

This just goes to prove that there is always a way to reach something that has been out of your reach :) Gotta love the Kid!!

Sorry about the quality taken from my iPhone!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
You should defiently check out this wonderful blog and her wonderful MSC [Many-Small-Children].

Well after following MckMama's Not Me! Monday Blog carnival for a few weeks now, no it's not me who sits at her desk with a load of work to be done recalling all the events that couldn't have possibly happened to me this last week. No, Not me!

No, it was not me who had only ten minutes to get ready and get to work only to go outside to find my car battery dead. No, it was not me who just wanted to sit in the driveway & cry. No, Not me!

It was not me who allowed herself to be completely addicted to Grey's Anatomy & it was not me who sat on her couch Thursday in tears with the thought that a TV Character was going to die! No, Not Me!!

No, it was not me that put her little baby boy's toddler bed together Friday Night only to realize she had to take it completely apart because one of the rails was NOT on upside down. Its not me who even has a little boy who ISNT old enough to be in a toddler bed! No, Not me!

No, its not me whose house looks like a tornado hit times ten. No it's not me who chose to play with babies instead of cleaning. No it wasn't me who was feeling completely guilty for not being a stay at home mom. It was not me who had a mini breakdown when she realized how much time she spends at work and running around with her little ones on the weekend instead of just hanging out and not enjoying the simple things! Nope, Not Me!

No, it's Not Me, who has read this post 10 times and still doesn't think it even come close to compare to MckMamas's! Not it's not me who is tad bit jealous of her Blogging skills! Nope, Not Me!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bouncing off an Idea

Okay, So I have been thinking all weekend about this. Just need some opionions! I want to start making Bows & Bow Holders to sell. I made a Bow Holder for Brynlee's room.
It's not completely done, I still have to attach the Ribbon to the bottom. But I think it turned out cute! This weekend, I got some stuff to start making some bows, I thought I'll make them for Brynlee first to see how well they turn out then if all goes well I think I'll start selling them on myspace & craigslist. I don't want to get rich doing it just make some extra money! Whatca think?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Should be working...

Okay, so I should be working and not on my blog but I'm just not in the mood for work :) So, I am going to update my blog and change the layout. I'm still figuring this all out. Please be patient!

Much Love!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quick & Simple

Okay, so just a quick and simple post before I head home from work! I only get a chance to blog while I am at work :) Productive huh?!

Well, Miss Brynlee Marie is 1 month old today! Crazy how time flies, of course she has only been home for a week on Monday, so it just doesn't seem like she should already be a month old. [[wow, that was a complete run-on sentance!]]

Oh, other quick news! The roommates are moving out! More details laters :)

Wordless Wednesday #1 - Meeting Papaw for the 1st Time

Monday, May 4, 2009

It's My Birthday!

Today is My Birthday!! Who would have thought I would be a mommy of 2 amazingly beautiful kids by my 26th Birthday! God works in some mysterious ways sometimes! Well alot has happened since I last blogged. Last Monday, Miss Brynlee came home finally :) Her first night was a little rough adjusting to being in this big world! She was sheltered for 1st 22 days of her life! But she has settled in nicely! I stayed home for work Monday & Tuesday & Thursday. Oh how I wish I could be a stay at home mom!

Thursday, we had a busy day. Kolton had his 15 month check-up, a little late I know. He is doing great. He is just shy of 2'8'' and weighs 24.5lbs. He is such a growing little boy. At his check up he recieved 2 shots, which he was not the least bit happy about! I've never seen him cry that much during his shots. Poor baby!! He was ready to get out of there. As soon as he was off the table, he was heading to the door!

Brynlee had a check-up at the same time as well! She is doing really good. Her pedi was pleased with how she was looking and said there doesn't seem to be anything to worry about!! She weighed 8lbs 6ozs. I believe 3 or so ozs of that was her bottle she just ate. But she is gaining weight good. Although, looking at her you would never believe she weighed over 8lbs. She was 20 3/4 in. which means she gained 1/4 in since being born!

After the doctor's appointments and WIC we went to Alvarado to see Candie at work. She is such a beautiful pregnant mommy!! We can't wait for Baby Rylee to make her arrival! Candie has a 4 year old daughter and she still had all her bedding for Katie's Nursery. She is letting Brynlee use it!! Miss Rylee's daddy doesn't want so much pink..LOL! I am so grateful to have such good friends. I love the bed set and can't wait to get it set-up. We also got Miss Katie's toddler bed for Kolton. We are going to make the transistion tonight! I think he is ready and can't wait to get it all set up!

Speaking of great friends, Candie is also helping my mom with my baby shower! Which is awesome!! I can the true mommy experience because if it was just my mom I would have be doing most of everything. I love my mom more than anything, but party planning is just not one of her strong suits! So, if I forget to say it often, THANK YOU SO MUCH CANDIE!

I have been scrapbooking more with my friend Kayla. I love to scrap! Although one page is a long process for me. I have to many ideas and never the exactly right thing to go with the picture. I am so behind on Kolton's book and now I have Brynlee's book to start! Its just overwhelming sometimes! But, I will get them done!! I am hoping to have our next scrap night at my house this time. Since, it's a little harder to travel with 2 kids and lots of scrapbook stuff :)

I will end this post with a saying I found on...

“You don't really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around - and why his parents will always wave back.” - William D. Tammeus

Friday, April 24, 2009

Looks like Day 22

Looks like Day 22 is going to be our LUCKY day!! It is not 100% confirmed but about 99% that I will do my room-in with Brynlee on Sunday. Then Monday we will head home! Her nurse wanted me to do it tonight, which was great, but it's evidently hospital policy for CPS & a the Social worker to be there when she is released & guess what?? They don't work weekends!! So, we have to work around their schedule. This just means I will be kid free for the weekend. My mom and Kolton are headed down to San Antonio to see my sister!! She misses Kolton like crazy and had already planned a trip down there for me and the kids because I thought Brynlee would already be home. So my mom is going instead :( which sucks for me! But hey maybe I'll get somethings done around the house!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

17 Days and Counting

Just a Quick Update....

Miss Brynlee is now 17 days old. She is doing so much better! Her pedi finally admitted that he thinks she was about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks early. He said she is pretty much full term now & that it seems her "light" as come on. They are taking her off the reflux meds and she is taking 2/3 of her bottle feedings. Which means the 1/3 of bottle feedings she is not taking are the one that they are "gavaging". THIS IS GREAT NEWS!! He said that she will remain on "gavage" feedings thru the day, then complete bottle feeds starting in the A.M. If she continues to take her bottle feedings then we are looking at her coming home Saturday :) I will have to stay the night at the hospital the night before she is released! So, I am keeping my fingers crossed for Saturday! Keep prayin that God continues to protect her and guide her thru the remainder of her NICU stay!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Just a Thought...

Okay, so I know I have over blogged today but it has just been one of those days!! Sorry! Well on top of having a rough day with the hospital to changing things with Brynlee. A friend made a comment that has just been really under my skin and I have to get thru this off my chest. just because I am not doing things the traditional way doesn't mean I am any different from any other mom, right? I am sorry if you don't agree with me or don't understand why I am doing what I am doing. I am sorry if you feel that it is inconvient for you & yours. But this is my life. NO ONE ELSES! You are supposed to be my best friend, no matter what. You can disagree with me that's fine but you are still supposed to support me and be there for me. I've stood by you and put up with you choosing your man over your best friend. But I was still there when you needed me.

So, the comment may not have been exactly meant how it was said but it was still said. I may be overacting but this is why I am blogging it so I can get it off my chest and move on. So, I was asked "why are you having a baby shower, you dont need one, you have everything" Let me say this... I don't have someone who will buy me the big things like a bed & car seat. I have to do that myself. I had to get these things before my daughter comes home. I could not wait till I have a baby shower, I don't want my friends to feel pressured to buy these large things. I don't see why it is a big deal that I want a baby shower even though I bought her bed & car seat as well as recieved some clothes. I did not get a baby shower with my son because we were unsure of how things were going to happen and wether or not he was going to stay with me. So, I did everything on my own with him. So, I feel I deserve a baby shower just as every other mother, biological or adoptive. Another thing that bothers me is, I don't expect you to throw my baby shower but considering I threw yours I would at least like you to seem interested or offer to help with anything. I understand you have a new baby and all so I would never dream of putting you in a financial situation that you can not handle right now. But hey offer to help with something. Even baby shower invites but no nothing from you. It just disappoints me!!

Okay, I also want to thank Kayla, Candie, Amber, Christie, Tammy & Samantha for continuing to support me and check on Brynlee. I truly have been blessed with some great friends who will never know how much the truly mean to me! I am forever grateful to have each of you in my life, as well, as my kids lives.

So Frustrated!

UGHHH!!! I am getting so frustrated with Brynlee's Doctor. It's like he keeps taking steps backwards and not forwards. Brynlee's nurse called and said that Dr. Bran changed her formula again to one with more calories so she wouldn't have to take as much at each feeding. Which okay that is great but now he changed her to bottle feeding to every other one. Plus her nurse changed her feeding times to 530-830-1130-230 which means the 830 & 230 feedings will be bottle and 530 & 1130 will be tube. This means I will only be able to feed her at the 830 feedings not the 12 & 6 like I have been!! I'll only get to feed her at the 830 feedings if I have someone to watch Kolton and I can't have someone watch him everyday so I can go feed her! I swear this is driving me crazy!! I just want to bring my baby home! I know what's best for her and they aren't doing it or even at least trying to!! Her doctor said why wear her out if she isnt taking the bottle completely anyway....what the hell do you think we are trying to get her to do!! How do you think she is going to bottle feed completely if you take her off of it half the time! Where is this getting us.....NO WHERE! I just trust God knows what he is doing and that he is with her when I can not be. Sorry, I just had to vent!!

2 Weeks

My baby girl is 2 weeks old today! I hate having to go to the hospital to see her and not being able to leave with her! I wish she was at home with her own things in her house! Brynlee is still doing good and constantly eating more!! So, we are still being patient with her. I get frustrated so easily with the nurses & doctors because I believe they have her eating to much and that she doesn't have a chance to get hungry. She isn't doing anything to burn calories so it's understandable that she may not be super hungry every three hours! I hate that they just assume every newborn in the world eats the correct amount every three hours all the time! Haven't you ever heard don't wake a sleeping baby. Let her sleep and if she is sleeping longer than 4 hours then wake her up, I promise she'll be hungry by then. So, i've been trying to get them to go to 80mL every 4 hours instead of 60mL every 3 but they are like it won't make a difference!! EEEHHH!!!!! Just let me bring her home!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

8 Days & Birthdays

First off...I want to say Happy Birthday to my beautiful neice Krystina ::Nina:: today is her 4th birthday. Man, how time flies.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Kolton was invited to a birthday party for Miss Micah on Saturday. So, after getting Brynlee's bed & car seat, we went to Micah's party at the park. Rachel did such a good job with the birthday party. She had an easter egg hunt set up for all the kids, it was cute. While we were at the park I ran into The Forston's Marsha, Carla & their mom. It was really great seeing all them, it's been so long!

After the party, we headed home to get Brynlee's bed put up and her clothes washed. Kolton went down for a nap and I got busy! Easter morning, we went and visited Brynlee in the hospital and put her little Easter onesie on her, with matching bow of course :) Kolton actually got to see her, thru the window of course. He just smiled and stared at her.

It's been 8 days since Brynlee was born and I can't wait to get her home. She is completely off her IV and finally doesn't have to be hooked up to all that mess. She is slowly eating better so we just have to be patient with her!

More updates later!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Slowly but Surely ♥

Miss Brynlee is my little fighter! She is doing so well considering everything she has been thru! They took her off of oxygen completely yesterday and she hasn't needed to go back on. They moved her feeding tube this morning from her mouth to her nose. Which is good cause my poor angel hated that thing in her mouth. After they moved it, she took 8cc from a bottle at 9am. Then at 12 my mom got her to take 15cc from a bottle! So, we are making down the road to recovery. All the nurses and doctors say she is doing wonderful and that we have to be patient with her cause she's had a rough start! They are predicting that Monday night I will do the room in and then my little angel will come home Tuesday. I'll keep ya posted! Please pray for us ♥

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Baby <3

Ok, so now I am completely lost and can't begin to concentrate on work!! I just got back from the hospital visiting Kolton's "sister". Well she is so precious. She is in the NICU because she was born with drugs in her system, just as Kolton. Poor babies! She looks just like Kolton! I'll post some pictures tonight!

Well, the nurse is pretty sure CPS is going to take custody. The question is...where are they going to place her. I know in my head that it would be really hard to take on another baby but my heart tells me I have to. This is Kolton's sister. I just don't know...Guess I have to wait and see!

Baby Baby...

Well, Kolton has a new sister. His "donor mommy" gave birth to a little girl last night. I don't know a lot of details just yet. But I am going up there to see both of them at lunch. From what I hear she is supposed to try to keep this baby but I do not know yet.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tax Season 2009--Finally Finished!

Well work right now is crazy, as I am sure you can imagine! It's Tax Season & people seem to wait to the last minute to get their tax information in. It's just amazing how some people are no where near organized with their stuff. Come on people...Tax season comes around every year, you know this! It's not like all the sudden the IRS says "hey, you have to file this year" You file every year, no matter what! People are literally bringing in boxes of reciepts and invoices along with their W2s & K1s and seem surprised when we tell them they have to file an extension request! SERIOUSLY?! You people make me laugh! So, at work, which is where I normally blog & facebook, I hardly have time to breathe!

So, aside from Tax Season, it's been a busy couple of weeks for me. 1st...I took over payments on my mom's house and have been moving my things & redecorating. I painted the master bedroom a real pretty Cozumel (kinda teal) and April Mist (real lite green). I think it looks really good. I got a brown and teal bedset with matching curtains. It looks like a completely different room. In the master bath, I am planning on a beach theme. I love seashells and sand things. So, I am going to probably paint it the same April Mist color and then frame out the top of the Mirror, which is huge btw, with fish netting w/ seashells in it. I think it will turn out cute.

Always a Bridesmaid, never a Bride...

Last week, I was asked to be in 2 weddings. My friend, Jessica & her boyfriend Cody, who is like a brother to me, asked me to be a the Maid of Honor in their wedding. Jessica also asked me to help plan the event, since she is on a strict budget. So, first things dress & bridesmaid dress. We went to David's Bridal and spent a little over 3 hours trying on dresses! I think she tried on 20 or so. Most of them looked really good. I think she narrowed her selection to 2 and is thinking about them. We found my dress, which will be Truffle with a Capri Blue Sash, very pretty!

Prior to going to David's Bridal with Jessica, I joined Kayla, her sister and Mom at Davids Bridal. Kayla had a good idea what dress she wanted and what dress she wanted us to wear. So we got right to it. Only to realize that the dress you think you want doesn't always turn out to be the one. So after 2 hours of trying on dresses, she finally said she found the one. I could tell by her face that isn't wasnt exactly the ONE! I mean she loved it but it just wasn't the one! So, she went on to Alfred Angelo, and I went home to spend some time with Kolton. Later, I got a text that said, "Sissy, I found the the the the the one!" I am happy for her but I have yet to see the dress :( Maybe, Ill see tonight.

Kolton has a play date with Kayla's nephew Jeriemah. While they are playing Kayla & I are going to scrapbook :) This is just the beginning of our busy weekend. Saturday morning I have to work because as I mentioned people bring the stuff in way late :( Then after work its off to Joe Ts for some yummy lunch with the ladies. It's going to be fun to all be together again. It's been a long time. Saturday night, I have a date with John. Not sure what we are doing but probably going to the Highlands for some PF Changs and bowling, I think! Then Sunday, I have to work till about 11 then off to Heather's Easter Egg Hunt.

It's gonna be a fun busy weekend!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wedding Season

I keep getting busy at work, so I can't seem to get this post done! Hopefully I will be able to update tonight.

By the way...I am loving this weather, just wish I was at home!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little Monkey && Puppy Love

So, I've been absent from blogging for a couple of days. It was a busy weekend and work Monday was Crazy. I worked Saturday morning till about 1230 then went to tan. I am getting addicted to tanning! Plus my membership has a water massage and hydration bed. Seems like I'm at that place everyday. It's a nice break during lunch to just get away.

Saturday afternoon Kolton & I were supposed to head to my cousin Wendy's for a Party, with almost our entire Family. But my septic system decides it's not gonna work. Just my luck, take over my mom's house and something breaks :( So, I spent the afternoon with Cody, Ted & my mom trying to get things fixed. After several trips to Lowe's everything was up and working.

Saturday night was my sister Amanda's going away party. She is moving back to San Antonio. She has a really good opportunity to get far with Pizza Hut down there. I hope she does well. So, she had invited over several friends for party. We set-up some horseshoes and broke out the Miller Lite. All the guys were playing Horseshoes and the girls decided we would catch them off guard with fireworks, left over from New Years. We probably spent a good hour popping off black cats just as the guys were throwing horseshoes. It was a good laugh.

Sunday, Kolton & I spent the morning relaxing and watching HGTV. Then we headed off for the day with Memaw. Well my mom is staying with her friends Caine & Melody until the apartment is ready. So, we met her there. They have 2 gorgeous pit bulls, Savannah & Bishop. They absolutely loved Kolton and wanted to give him lots of kisses. Kolton would follow them outside then run back when came towards him. It was so cute! After we got back home, I headed back out to take my cousin Sarah home, she spent spring break with us. Kolton headed to bed and stayed with Cody & Jessica. He was exhausted. While in Midlothian I went and picked out Kolton's new puppy. He's only almost 8 days old right now. So cute! I've been debating on wether or not to get him a puppy for a while. But its getting to be nice weather so he will be able to play outside with him. He's getting a pomeranian for now. I didn't want something really big that would just trample him. I think we are going to name him Gizmo. I'll post pictures next time I am over there. Only 7 weeks till we get to bring him home!

Well, monday after a crazy day at work. I came home and put some laundry on and made dinner. After Kolton was done eating I took him out of his chair and was washing off his tray and the little brat crawled back up into high chair and sat down. It took me a minute to realize he got up there by myself. I thought maybe for a second I forgot to set him down. So, I took him out again and watched him for second and sure enough he got right back up there! Such a little Monkey! My hands are gonna be full!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Okay, so I talked to "Donor Mommy" today and she is going to sign over her rights!

Falling thru the System

Sometimes I wonder what is even the point of CPS sometimes? There are so many careless workers that just allow children to fall thru the cracks. Now, don't get me wrong I know there are some really caring people out there that work for CPS, I just wish I could find one at the Cleburne Office.
So, I had my appointment yesterday with the Attorney General. I filed for Child Support against "donor mommy". Well, guess what...she didn't show! Of course not, why would she give a damn what happens! So, while I am sitting in the office, we call her from Toni's office phone. "Donor Mommy" answers the phone and preceeds to tell Toni that it was not her and she didn't have this phone number any longer. During this whole conversation I can hear "donor mommy" on the phone. I know it's her!! So, after Toni hangs up with her I call her from my cell phone. It rings twice and then goes to Voicemail. So, now I am just more sure that it was her on the phone. I mean come on girl..we are talking about my son here...a child you gave birth to and you can't even talk on the phone to handle matters that concern him! Give me an effin break! Grow the F**K UP!! Sorry, I am just a little pissy about the whole situation!
So, now I have to do a little detective work so we can get a confirmed address for her so that she may be served by a Constable. Well Robert, which is techincally Kolton's uncle, just happened to to take her home from his mom's house. So, I now have the confirmed address! Which was neither address the attorney general had for her. Plus, they now have a picture so she can't say it's not her!
Well, at the suggestion of Toni from the AG office. I contacted CPS to request a recommendation for adoption. The plan is to make "donor mommy" responsible for Child Support with hopes of when she finds out they are going to make her pay she will sign over her rights to the child. I already have the "father" agreeing to sign his rights over. If she doesn't want to sign her rights over then she will be responsible to pay Child Support from Jan. 2008, which means she will owe back child support, which she won't pay. [[sorry i know that sentance was no where near grammitcally!]]
Now, this is where CPS should step in. She has had almost no contact with my son since he was about 5 months old. That contact then was only for about 15 minutes and only because I was at his biological grandmothers house and she happened to be there visiting Cameron, her oldest, which she sees all the time! Now, tell me this...I live about 6 houses down from her and Cameron is living about 10 miles from her. So, how is it that she can visit Cameron but have nothing to do with Kolton, which in case you didn't know she named Chevee at birth! Yes, like after the car. So, I contacted CPS to get a referral for adoption to go thru an adoption agency that works with CPS Cases. Guess what??! There is nothing they can do, because they don't have custody of Kolton, I don't have custody of Kolton. Which means "donor mommy" has custody. Which I found out today that she can just come get him and the only I can do is make a report about it and hope CPS finds her unfit once again. Which means I could be without him while they are trying to determine wether or not to investigate or not! This is just ridicolus!!!!! So, now I have to get an attorney, pay for it out of my pocket and hope I can adopt him! So, let me ask you this CPS stands for Child Protective Services so why would they not help me protect him from his drug addicted "donor mommy!".
I am just so frustrated with this whole process! Write more later.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cowboy Boots && Boys

A couple of weekends ago I took Kolton and my newphew Hunter out to the Stockyards for some pictures. Heather, from Chunky Monkey Photography, met us at there around noon. We had such a fun filled day. Getting a 14 month old and 3 year old to stand or sit in one place is harder than it sounds. Thank goodness for Heather's patience. I got my pictures back today and I am very pleased with the results. I was so excited to get the package open to see all of them. She had given me a sneak peek last week, which just makes you want to see all of them even more.
Here are just a couple of my faves...there are so many more!! THANKS HEATHER!!
I am sure am proud of this little Cowboyy.
I love my Hunter Man!
Just me and the Boys!
Mommy & Kolton
I am truly blessed to have a wonderful son, nephews and neices. Just wish Seth, Krystina, Christopher & Adrianna were here in the states to get some pictures done. Guess I'll just have to head to Japan to get some. LOL!
So other things going on in our lives is...tomorrow is my child support mediation for Kolton. I am so neverous because I don't know what to expect but I am so ready. I am asking for full custody instead of money. So please pray for us. I'll post the results tomorrow after work.
Happy Saint Patricks Day,
Brandi Marie

A Pinch of Green

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Well I was thinking last night after my super long post, sorry bout that. I really need to find time to dedicate to my scrapbooking! I really miss it and I want to scrap all the pictures I have of Kolton before he gets to big. So, now I just need to find a crop night somewhere because I have absolutely no room in my house.

Well this is just a short post, at work and should get busy.

Beer Tasting at Oliver's Tonight.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Give an Inch & They take 10 feet.

So, I have realized that I am not where near ready for a Teenage child. Granted Kolton has a ways to go before he gets there. But, my little cousin, okay well not little she's 15, has been staying with me during her Spring Break. She's watching Kolton for me because my baby sitter is out of town for an ill family memeber. Well Sarah and I have a really open relationship. I want her to be able to talk to me about things and feel comfortable. I don't ever want her to get into a situation and have to hid it because she doesn't have anyone she feels like she can talk to. Well, this comes with a lot of biting my tongue and a lot of standing my ground and handling pissy attitude!

She is dating boys now, and it's hard not to think about her as a little girl but in the same respect she is only 15. Well, I told her that her "guy friend", I am not really calling him a boyfriend cause I think she is to young to determine a real relationship, could hang out over here a little while she was on Spring Break. Now, I have known the kid for several years & he has been to my house several times over the years, before they ever started "talking". So, this is me giving her an inch but she wants to take 10 feet. He came over the morning at 730 in the morning, before I was awake. So, I wake up and find them laying on the floor, just talking thank goodness cause I think I would have completely lost it. Now, instead of doing the typical "parent thing" and yell & scream. I politely said Good morning and went on about my morning. Then after he left about 10 that morning. I sat to talk with her about boundaries and what is apporiate for girls her age and how guys percieve girls. But it seemed like what I said went in one ear and out the other. Now I know what my mom meant when she said Teenagers never listen and always think they know everything.

I know I can't keep her from boys or be by her side 24/7. So, I have continually made sure she understands the measures of protection she has to take and that she can't rely on guys excuses for no protection. She has been sexually active (I KNOW...She's 15 what is she doing having sex and where is she having sex!) and her mom doesn't seem to care to discuss this with her. So, I have to step in and play the Mom role.

Well tonight..she pushed her inch to 10 feet!!! She actually had the nerve to ask me that when we go camping for my birthday in May, can he come and stay the night. At first I am like okay, we have plenty of tents. Well she was wanting me to allow them to stay in my tent in the same bed! REALLY??!!!! Some nerve this little girl has. I explain to her that she is not sleeping in the same bed, even if it is in my tent. For one, this is not the example I want to set for my son, even if he is only 14 months old. For 2, I do not approve of someone her age having sex or sleeping in the same bed with the opposite sex. So, when I tell her no. Then the typical teenage behavior kicks in and she thinks she's grown and doesn't understand why I won't let her do what she wants. This is where the being someone she can talk to turns into the headache. Whatever happen to the sweet innocent days where she never would have had the nerve, let alone the thought, to ask me something like that. I miss those days! If these days are just a glimpse of the future I will go thru with Kolton. God Help Me, LOL!