Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wedding Season

I keep getting busy at work, so I can't seem to get this post done! Hopefully I will be able to update tonight.

By the way...I am loving this weather, just wish I was at home!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little Monkey && Puppy Love

So, I've been absent from blogging for a couple of days. It was a busy weekend and work Monday was Crazy. I worked Saturday morning till about 1230 then went to tan. I am getting addicted to tanning! Plus my membership has a water massage and hydration bed. Seems like I'm at that place everyday. It's a nice break during lunch to just get away.

Saturday afternoon Kolton & I were supposed to head to my cousin Wendy's for a Party, with almost our entire Family. But my septic system decides it's not gonna work. Just my luck, take over my mom's house and something breaks :( So, I spent the afternoon with Cody, Ted & my mom trying to get things fixed. After several trips to Lowe's everything was up and working.

Saturday night was my sister Amanda's going away party. She is moving back to San Antonio. She has a really good opportunity to get far with Pizza Hut down there. I hope she does well. So, she had invited over several friends for party. We set-up some horseshoes and broke out the Miller Lite. All the guys were playing Horseshoes and the girls decided we would catch them off guard with fireworks, left over from New Years. We probably spent a good hour popping off black cats just as the guys were throwing horseshoes. It was a good laugh.

Sunday, Kolton & I spent the morning relaxing and watching HGTV. Then we headed off for the day with Memaw. Well my mom is staying with her friends Caine & Melody until the apartment is ready. So, we met her there. They have 2 gorgeous pit bulls, Savannah & Bishop. They absolutely loved Kolton and wanted to give him lots of kisses. Kolton would follow them outside then run back when came towards him. It was so cute! After we got back home, I headed back out to take my cousin Sarah home, she spent spring break with us. Kolton headed to bed and stayed with Cody & Jessica. He was exhausted. While in Midlothian I went and picked out Kolton's new puppy. He's only almost 8 days old right now. So cute! I've been debating on wether or not to get him a puppy for a while. But its getting to be nice weather so he will be able to play outside with him. He's getting a pomeranian for now. I didn't want something really big that would just trample him. I think we are going to name him Gizmo. I'll post pictures next time I am over there. Only 7 weeks till we get to bring him home!

Well, monday after a crazy day at work. I came home and put some laundry on and made dinner. After Kolton was done eating I took him out of his chair and was washing off his tray and the little brat crawled back up into high chair and sat down. It took me a minute to realize he got up there by myself. I thought maybe for a second I forgot to set him down. So, I took him out again and watched him for second and sure enough he got right back up there! Such a little Monkey! My hands are gonna be full!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Okay, so I talked to "Donor Mommy" today and she is going to sign over her rights!

Falling thru the System

Sometimes I wonder what is even the point of CPS sometimes? There are so many careless workers that just allow children to fall thru the cracks. Now, don't get me wrong I know there are some really caring people out there that work for CPS, I just wish I could find one at the Cleburne Office.
So, I had my appointment yesterday with the Attorney General. I filed for Child Support against "donor mommy". Well, guess what...she didn't show! Of course not, why would she give a damn what happens! So, while I am sitting in the office, we call her from Toni's office phone. "Donor Mommy" answers the phone and preceeds to tell Toni that it was not her and she didn't have this phone number any longer. During this whole conversation I can hear "donor mommy" on the phone. I know it's her!! So, after Toni hangs up with her I call her from my cell phone. It rings twice and then goes to Voicemail. So, now I am just more sure that it was her on the phone. I mean come on girl..we are talking about my son here...a child you gave birth to and you can't even talk on the phone to handle matters that concern him! Give me an effin break! Grow the F**K UP!! Sorry, I am just a little pissy about the whole situation!
So, now I have to do a little detective work so we can get a confirmed address for her so that she may be served by a Constable. Well Robert, which is techincally Kolton's uncle, just happened to to take her home from his mom's house. So, I now have the confirmed address! Which was neither address the attorney general had for her. Plus, they now have a picture so she can't say it's not her!
Well, at the suggestion of Toni from the AG office. I contacted CPS to request a recommendation for adoption. The plan is to make "donor mommy" responsible for Child Support with hopes of when she finds out they are going to make her pay she will sign over her rights to the child. I already have the "father" agreeing to sign his rights over. If she doesn't want to sign her rights over then she will be responsible to pay Child Support from Jan. 2008, which means she will owe back child support, which she won't pay. [[sorry i know that sentance was no where near grammitcally!]]
Now, this is where CPS should step in. She has had almost no contact with my son since he was about 5 months old. That contact then was only for about 15 minutes and only because I was at his biological grandmothers house and she happened to be there visiting Cameron, her oldest, which she sees all the time! Now, tell me this...I live about 6 houses down from her and Cameron is living about 10 miles from her. So, how is it that she can visit Cameron but have nothing to do with Kolton, which in case you didn't know she named Chevee at birth! Yes, like after the car. So, I contacted CPS to get a referral for adoption to go thru an adoption agency that works with CPS Cases. Guess what??! There is nothing they can do, because they don't have custody of Kolton, I don't have custody of Kolton. Which means "donor mommy" has custody. Which I found out today that she can just come get him and the only I can do is make a report about it and hope CPS finds her unfit once again. Which means I could be without him while they are trying to determine wether or not to investigate or not! This is just ridicolus!!!!! So, now I have to get an attorney, pay for it out of my pocket and hope I can adopt him! So, let me ask you this CPS stands for Child Protective Services so why would they not help me protect him from his drug addicted "donor mommy!".
I am just so frustrated with this whole process! Write more later.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cowboy Boots && Boys

A couple of weekends ago I took Kolton and my newphew Hunter out to the Stockyards for some pictures. Heather, from Chunky Monkey Photography, met us at there around noon. We had such a fun filled day. Getting a 14 month old and 3 year old to stand or sit in one place is harder than it sounds. Thank goodness for Heather's patience. I got my pictures back today and I am very pleased with the results. I was so excited to get the package open to see all of them. She had given me a sneak peek last week, which just makes you want to see all of them even more.
Here are just a couple of my faves...there are so many more!! THANKS HEATHER!!
I am sure am proud of this little Cowboyy.
I love my Hunter Man!
Just me and the Boys!
Mommy & Kolton
I am truly blessed to have a wonderful son, nephews and neices. Just wish Seth, Krystina, Christopher & Adrianna were here in the states to get some pictures done. Guess I'll just have to head to Japan to get some. LOL!
So other things going on in our lives is...tomorrow is my child support mediation for Kolton. I am so neverous because I don't know what to expect but I am so ready. I am asking for full custody instead of money. So please pray for us. I'll post the results tomorrow after work.
Happy Saint Patricks Day,
Brandi Marie

A Pinch of Green

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Well I was thinking last night after my super long post, sorry bout that. I really need to find time to dedicate to my scrapbooking! I really miss it and I want to scrap all the pictures I have of Kolton before he gets to big. So, now I just need to find a crop night somewhere because I have absolutely no room in my house.

Well this is just a short post, at work and should get busy.

Beer Tasting at Oliver's Tonight.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Give an Inch & They take 10 feet.

So, I have realized that I am not where near ready for a Teenage child. Granted Kolton has a ways to go before he gets there. But, my little cousin, okay well not little she's 15, has been staying with me during her Spring Break. She's watching Kolton for me because my baby sitter is out of town for an ill family memeber. Well Sarah and I have a really open relationship. I want her to be able to talk to me about things and feel comfortable. I don't ever want her to get into a situation and have to hid it because she doesn't have anyone she feels like she can talk to. Well, this comes with a lot of biting my tongue and a lot of standing my ground and handling pissy attitude!

She is dating boys now, and it's hard not to think about her as a little girl but in the same respect she is only 15. Well, I told her that her "guy friend", I am not really calling him a boyfriend cause I think she is to young to determine a real relationship, could hang out over here a little while she was on Spring Break. Now, I have known the kid for several years & he has been to my house several times over the years, before they ever started "talking". So, this is me giving her an inch but she wants to take 10 feet. He came over the morning at 730 in the morning, before I was awake. So, I wake up and find them laying on the floor, just talking thank goodness cause I think I would have completely lost it. Now, instead of doing the typical "parent thing" and yell & scream. I politely said Good morning and went on about my morning. Then after he left about 10 that morning. I sat to talk with her about boundaries and what is apporiate for girls her age and how guys percieve girls. But it seemed like what I said went in one ear and out the other. Now I know what my mom meant when she said Teenagers never listen and always think they know everything.

I know I can't keep her from boys or be by her side 24/7. So, I have continually made sure she understands the measures of protection she has to take and that she can't rely on guys excuses for no protection. She has been sexually active (I KNOW...She's 15 what is she doing having sex and where is she having sex!) and her mom doesn't seem to care to discuss this with her. So, I have to step in and play the Mom role.

Well tonight..she pushed her inch to 10 feet!!! She actually had the nerve to ask me that when we go camping for my birthday in May, can he come and stay the night. At first I am like okay, we have plenty of tents. Well she was wanting me to allow them to stay in my tent in the same bed! REALLY??!!!! Some nerve this little girl has. I explain to her that she is not sleeping in the same bed, even if it is in my tent. For one, this is not the example I want to set for my son, even if he is only 14 months old. For 2, I do not approve of someone her age having sex or sleeping in the same bed with the opposite sex. So, when I tell her no. Then the typical teenage behavior kicks in and she thinks she's grown and doesn't understand why I won't let her do what she wants. This is where the being someone she can talk to turns into the headache. Whatever happen to the sweet innocent days where she never would have had the nerve, let alone the thought, to ask me something like that. I miss those days! If these days are just a glimpse of the future I will go thru with Kolton. God Help Me, LOL!