Tuesday, September 1, 2009

3 Days Travel then 46 hours on a Bus

Let me introduce you to someone. This girl woman is truly one of the best people I know. She means the world to me and I'm not afraid to say I love Her!! She is the greatest friend sister, we may not be blood but I often feel closer to her than my own sister! We have been thru thick & thin together. We can not talk for months, like would ever go that long without talking, but when we talk its like we've never been apart. I can talk to her about anything and never worry about her judging me. This is Cassie. My sister. My Best Friend.

Now, these 2 have blessed us with 4 of the most wonderful kids. Kids that I am happy to say I am their AUNT! Seth Allen, 7. Christopher Damion, 6. Krystina Renee, 4. Adrianna Marie[my namesake, whom I have never met ], 21 months. I love these kids just as much as I love my own! I will always be there for them. There is nothing I wouldn't do for these kids.

Chris lives in Texas with his mom, that's why he isn't in the group shot. Well, since March 2006 part of my heart has been living across the ocean in Okinawa, Japan. Well, about a week ago, we got news that Justin's grandfather was terminally ill with Cancer. It's pretty bad right now, we've been praying he would be able to fight this but it looks like it's coming to an end. Justin was able to get leave from the Air Force to come home to visit his grandfather. However, they would not pay to fly the entire family home to Texas. Justin fought to have his entire family come with him. They finally got onto a Miltary Hop Flight, which is free but you have to travel with the Air Force and their many stops. Well after days of travel & bumped flights from Okinawa. The ENTIRE family left Fairfield, Cali headed to Fort Worth Texas on a bus! After a 46+ hour bus ride they will arrive in Fort Worth, TX today at 11:30am. I'm so excited and hoping to meet them at the bus stop to welcome them home! We are so grateful that they were able to come, even though it's not the greatest reason to come home. But God is Great! He has allowed the entire family to be together before Justin's grandpa passes. God bless him! Please pray that grandpa find comfort during his days and may God watch over him until its time for him to walk with our Father!

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