Thursday, September 24, 2009

5 MONTHS and then some

Wow, it's hard to believe that its already over 5 months since I became a Mommy of 2! I cant believe how fast my little girl is growing. Yesterday she started sitting up all by herself with no help & no hands on the floor! Its so hard to believe, she doesn't even look big enough to sit up. She's such a tiny little thing but lord can she eat! Right now her fave things are Bananas with rice & Butternut squash!

Kolton is doing wonderful! He is so smart and points out everything from animal to a plane in the sky! He got a new dog, not by choice!, but he's turning out to be a really good dog for Mr. Kolton. Charlie, our new dog, will play fetch with Kolton and tug a war but will drop the toy the second Kolton gets close to his face then he will wait for Kolton to throw it! It's so cute!

Things at work are going really well and I am starting to take over our Corporate & Partnership returns which is great! Now, I'm just hoping for the move to the bigger office :D I've started shopping for the kids Halloween costumes all though I'm at a complete loss for they should be. I am think Ms. Brynlee may be a Ladybug or Zebra but Kolton I have no idea! So, to the Halloween store we go this weekend!

Well, it's back to work for me. Just wanted to write a quick update! Have a great Pre-Friday!!

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