Thursday, June 25, 2009

Super Light Crafts!

Dore's Diaries
Light Crafts has generously offered to give away a copy of Aurora to one of Dore's Diaries' Readers!!! If you need some help with photo editing, this giveaway is for you!! Here's a little about Aurora by Light Crafts! (Taken from Dore's Blog, I know I cheated and should right my own review of what all Aurora has but I'm still feeling under the weather and it's taking me forever to get this post done between the frequent coughing and trying to breathe! Please forgive Me. I'll do better next time!)

Aurora by Light Crafts has solved all of my editing problems and I am so excited to tell all of you about!Light Crafts ( launched a very unique photo editing and management software called Aurora. Aurora is a powerfully simple photo management software for consumers who want to reduce the complexity, and increase the results, of editing, organizing, sharing and storing digital images. Aurora is intuitive to use, enabling anyone to go from download to expert in a matter of minutes.Aurora’s key features include:
Visual photo editing: The strength of Aurora lies in its intuitive, powerful, visual editor which presents suggested improvements in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get fashion. The unique relight tool essentially “turns on” the light inside the image, creating better, more realistic photos. Users can also straighten, adjust color strength and warmth, crop, zoom and adjust red-eye in a simple, intuitive and visual way.
Organizing and viewing of photos: Aurora allows consumers to easily import photos from their camera or computer, re-arrange and re-name them, then tag and rate favorites for easy viewing and retrieval.
Sharing and publishing: Aurora enables consumers to email, print, and Aurora making it easy to share select photos online on sites like Flickr and Facebook.
Online back-up: Photos are one of those truly irreplaceable items. Aurora’s optional online back-up service is powered by and stores photos to keep them out of harm’s way. Online back-up plans are available for $4.95 per month. Users can simply hit “online back up” from within Aurora to sync directly with their Amazon storage account.

Aurora seems like it would be super simple to use and has lots of features for quick editing! I can't wait to get me a copy and start editing! I've got tons of Kolton & Brynlee's pictures that need a little special touch before they are ready for the world!! So, head over to Dore's Diaries and check her stuff out!! She has lots of cool stuff other than just the giveway! I promise it won't be a waste of your time!

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