Thursday, March 19, 2009

Falling thru the System

Sometimes I wonder what is even the point of CPS sometimes? There are so many careless workers that just allow children to fall thru the cracks. Now, don't get me wrong I know there are some really caring people out there that work for CPS, I just wish I could find one at the Cleburne Office.
So, I had my appointment yesterday with the Attorney General. I filed for Child Support against "donor mommy". Well, guess what...she didn't show! Of course not, why would she give a damn what happens! So, while I am sitting in the office, we call her from Toni's office phone. "Donor Mommy" answers the phone and preceeds to tell Toni that it was not her and she didn't have this phone number any longer. During this whole conversation I can hear "donor mommy" on the phone. I know it's her!! So, after Toni hangs up with her I call her from my cell phone. It rings twice and then goes to Voicemail. So, now I am just more sure that it was her on the phone. I mean come on girl..we are talking about my son here...a child you gave birth to and you can't even talk on the phone to handle matters that concern him! Give me an effin break! Grow the F**K UP!! Sorry, I am just a little pissy about the whole situation!
So, now I have to do a little detective work so we can get a confirmed address for her so that she may be served by a Constable. Well Robert, which is techincally Kolton's uncle, just happened to to take her home from his mom's house. So, I now have the confirmed address! Which was neither address the attorney general had for her. Plus, they now have a picture so she can't say it's not her!
Well, at the suggestion of Toni from the AG office. I contacted CPS to request a recommendation for adoption. The plan is to make "donor mommy" responsible for Child Support with hopes of when she finds out they are going to make her pay she will sign over her rights to the child. I already have the "father" agreeing to sign his rights over. If she doesn't want to sign her rights over then she will be responsible to pay Child Support from Jan. 2008, which means she will owe back child support, which she won't pay. [[sorry i know that sentance was no where near grammitcally!]]
Now, this is where CPS should step in. She has had almost no contact with my son since he was about 5 months old. That contact then was only for about 15 minutes and only because I was at his biological grandmothers house and she happened to be there visiting Cameron, her oldest, which she sees all the time! Now, tell me this...I live about 6 houses down from her and Cameron is living about 10 miles from her. So, how is it that she can visit Cameron but have nothing to do with Kolton, which in case you didn't know she named Chevee at birth! Yes, like after the car. So, I contacted CPS to get a referral for adoption to go thru an adoption agency that works with CPS Cases. Guess what??! There is nothing they can do, because they don't have custody of Kolton, I don't have custody of Kolton. Which means "donor mommy" has custody. Which I found out today that she can just come get him and the only I can do is make a report about it and hope CPS finds her unfit once again. Which means I could be without him while they are trying to determine wether or not to investigate or not! This is just ridicolus!!!!! So, now I have to get an attorney, pay for it out of my pocket and hope I can adopt him! So, let me ask you this CPS stands for Child Protective Services so why would they not help me protect him from his drug addicted "donor mommy!".
I am just so frustrated with this whole process! Write more later.

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