Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little Monkey && Puppy Love

So, I've been absent from blogging for a couple of days. It was a busy weekend and work Monday was Crazy. I worked Saturday morning till about 1230 then went to tan. I am getting addicted to tanning! Plus my membership has a water massage and hydration bed. Seems like I'm at that place everyday. It's a nice break during lunch to just get away.

Saturday afternoon Kolton & I were supposed to head to my cousin Wendy's for a Party, with almost our entire Family. But my septic system decides it's not gonna work. Just my luck, take over my mom's house and something breaks :( So, I spent the afternoon with Cody, Ted & my mom trying to get things fixed. After several trips to Lowe's everything was up and working.

Saturday night was my sister Amanda's going away party. She is moving back to San Antonio. She has a really good opportunity to get far with Pizza Hut down there. I hope she does well. So, she had invited over several friends for party. We set-up some horseshoes and broke out the Miller Lite. All the guys were playing Horseshoes and the girls decided we would catch them off guard with fireworks, left over from New Years. We probably spent a good hour popping off black cats just as the guys were throwing horseshoes. It was a good laugh.

Sunday, Kolton & I spent the morning relaxing and watching HGTV. Then we headed off for the day with Memaw. Well my mom is staying with her friends Caine & Melody until the apartment is ready. So, we met her there. They have 2 gorgeous pit bulls, Savannah & Bishop. They absolutely loved Kolton and wanted to give him lots of kisses. Kolton would follow them outside then run back when came towards him. It was so cute! After we got back home, I headed back out to take my cousin Sarah home, she spent spring break with us. Kolton headed to bed and stayed with Cody & Jessica. He was exhausted. While in Midlothian I went and picked out Kolton's new puppy. He's only almost 8 days old right now. So cute! I've been debating on wether or not to get him a puppy for a while. But its getting to be nice weather so he will be able to play outside with him. He's getting a pomeranian for now. I didn't want something really big that would just trample him. I think we are going to name him Gizmo. I'll post pictures next time I am over there. Only 7 weeks till we get to bring him home!

Well, monday after a crazy day at work. I came home and put some laundry on and made dinner. After Kolton was done eating I took him out of his chair and was washing off his tray and the little brat crawled back up into high chair and sat down. It took me a minute to realize he got up there by myself. I thought maybe for a second I forgot to set him down. So, I took him out again and watched him for second and sure enough he got right back up there! Such a little Monkey! My hands are gonna be full!

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