Monday, May 11, 2009

Bouncing off an Idea

Okay, So I have been thinking all weekend about this. Just need some opionions! I want to start making Bows & Bow Holders to sell. I made a Bow Holder for Brynlee's room.
It's not completely done, I still have to attach the Ribbon to the bottom. But I think it turned out cute! This weekend, I got some stuff to start making some bows, I thought I'll make them for Brynlee first to see how well they turn out then if all goes well I think I'll start selling them on myspace & craigslist. I don't want to get rich doing it just make some extra money! Whatca think?

1 comment:

Alicia W. said...

This is sooooooo cute! I would totally buy one in a heart beat.