Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gotta Love 4 Day Work Week!

Just thought I'd take a minute and give you a few updates on us!

Brynlee is doing really good. She gets a little gassy sometimes but a few Little Tummies Drops and she is good to go. She is 7 weeks now but her adjusted age she is 4 weeks. She is pretty much a 1 month old and doing things a 1 month old does :). Its hard to remember that she should only be 1 month. She rolled from her tummy to her back last week, which is amazing. She has only done it once because she was mad and tired of being on her tummy. She is starting to coo and smile more. Although, sometimes its just the gas in her tummy that makes her smile but it's still super cute!! She goes back to the doctor next week so it will be exciting to see how much she has grown. She doesn't look any bigger to me and is still wearing some newborn stuff. But everyone tells me she looks a lot longer, so we will see.

Kolton is doing good as well. He's slowly starting to talk more. Its very common for Meth-babies to talk a little later, so it's not much concern. He wants you to "Look" at everything. We started working on ABCs. He can get thru A-B-C before he's on to something else! A is his fave letter so far...he'll tell you A about 10 times before he wants do B. He says "Love you" sometimes. There for a little while anytime you asked him something the answer was "Yes" but he's figuring out that sometimes he doesn't want to say "yes" so we are getting some No! He is still doing really well in his "big boy" bed. He loves being able to get in and out of it by himself. I haven't had any problems with him getting out of it at bedtime. He cries for few minutes but he won't get out of bed. Thank goodness, I was a little worried the transition would be worse than it is!

As far as me. I am doing good. Still loving my job and I thank God that I have a wonderful boss that is so understanding that I am a Single mom! I have truly been blessed! I am officially starting a Bowtique! Right now, I am going to share Brynlee's room to store my bow making stuff. I've made about 6 bows already and just got my first order for 3- 4th of July bows. Its exciting and I'm always thinking of new bows to make. I usually make the bows after both kids are in bed. Its a nice way for me to wind down and do something with my time. I'm really loving it! I am going to make Bows, Bow Holders & Tutus. Right now I am looking for a Sewing machine and hopefully starting making Pillowcase Dresses & Pettiskirts! I'm watching a Sewing/Embroidery Machine on eBay, if I can get that then I will start doing Personalized Tanks, Onesies and T-shirts for the kiddies, as well as Personalizing the Pillowcase dresses!! I'm really excited to be able to start making Brynlee some really cute custom outfits. I will be starting a blog just for my bowtique which will be named "Rockin' It Solo Bowtique". I chose Rockin' It Solo because that's exactly what I am doing, Rockin' the Mommy thing Solo!!

Some things we having coming up. Our first camping trip (month late due to rain) is coming up this weekend and I'm so ready!! My baby shower is coming June 7th, I'm so excited! Can't wait to see everyone and for everyone to meet Brynlee! Then we have Baby Rylee's baby shower the end of June. I'm working on something special for Miss Rylee & Miss Katie, so I can't wait! We've planned a River Trip to the Guadalupe in July, a weekend away I don't know what I'll do, I'll sure miss my kiddies but I know it will be nice to relax!

That's about it! Till next time. God Bless!

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