Monday, April 20, 2009

2 Weeks

My baby girl is 2 weeks old today! I hate having to go to the hospital to see her and not being able to leave with her! I wish she was at home with her own things in her house! Brynlee is still doing good and constantly eating more!! So, we are still being patient with her. I get frustrated so easily with the nurses & doctors because I believe they have her eating to much and that she doesn't have a chance to get hungry. She isn't doing anything to burn calories so it's understandable that she may not be super hungry every three hours! I hate that they just assume every newborn in the world eats the correct amount every three hours all the time! Haven't you ever heard don't wake a sleeping baby. Let her sleep and if she is sleeping longer than 4 hours then wake her up, I promise she'll be hungry by then. So, i've been trying to get them to go to 80mL every 4 hours instead of 60mL every 3 but they are like it won't make a difference!! EEEHHH!!!!! Just let me bring her home!!!!!!!!!

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