Monday, April 20, 2009

So Frustrated!

UGHHH!!! I am getting so frustrated with Brynlee's Doctor. It's like he keeps taking steps backwards and not forwards. Brynlee's nurse called and said that Dr. Bran changed her formula again to one with more calories so she wouldn't have to take as much at each feeding. Which okay that is great but now he changed her to bottle feeding to every other one. Plus her nurse changed her feeding times to 530-830-1130-230 which means the 830 & 230 feedings will be bottle and 530 & 1130 will be tube. This means I will only be able to feed her at the 830 feedings not the 12 & 6 like I have been!! I'll only get to feed her at the 830 feedings if I have someone to watch Kolton and I can't have someone watch him everyday so I can go feed her! I swear this is driving me crazy!! I just want to bring my baby home! I know what's best for her and they aren't doing it or even at least trying to!! Her doctor said why wear her out if she isnt taking the bottle completely anyway....what the hell do you think we are trying to get her to do!! How do you think she is going to bottle feed completely if you take her off of it half the time! Where is this getting us.....NO WHERE! I just trust God knows what he is doing and that he is with her when I can not be. Sorry, I just had to vent!!

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