Friday, April 24, 2009

Looks like Day 22

Looks like Day 22 is going to be our LUCKY day!! It is not 100% confirmed but about 99% that I will do my room-in with Brynlee on Sunday. Then Monday we will head home! Her nurse wanted me to do it tonight, which was great, but it's evidently hospital policy for CPS & a the Social worker to be there when she is released & guess what?? They don't work weekends!! So, we have to work around their schedule. This just means I will be kid free for the weekend. My mom and Kolton are headed down to San Antonio to see my sister!! She misses Kolton like crazy and had already planned a trip down there for me and the kids because I thought Brynlee would already be home. So my mom is going instead :( which sucks for me! But hey maybe I'll get somethings done around the house!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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